Marshall Stratton: The Autoblography Memoir

Marshall has been featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central's Atom TV, Bio Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories, and The Chris Gethard Show. He has appeared in a commercial for MTV and Pop Tarts. Stratton was the Republican class president Michael Jay in the Off-Broadway show, The Awesome 80's Prom.

He's been featured in numerous online videos for Above Average, MTVOther, Michael Showalter Productions, Jest, Landline TV, Atom, and Babelgum. The Memphis native has been featured in the Huffington Post, College Humor, Vulture, and Jezebel.

Stratton is a proud member of the UCB Harold Team Graceland and Maude Team Ripley. He is one half of the sketch duo Coker and Stratton, who appeared in the 2013 New York Sketch Festival. He is told he looks like "A Kennedy" but he doesn't see it.

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The latest video from Coker and Stratton. Thanks to everyone involved!

I wish I could be a great rapper, but this is my absolute best.

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MARSHALL STRATTON and JAMES COKER are here! After talking about how the Primetime Lineup is killing my show, we prank call our friend and former guest Nick Mendillo (who wears JNCO’s, listens to Blink-182, and has a tattoo of the word “poop” on his leg) for no good reason. Also we discuss insulting nicknames and rednecks.

[Dale Jr. Sucks! | Marshall Stratton and James Coker - Direct Download]


BEST Crank Calls Ever.

(via heyitsmendillo)


Happy Bastille Day, you guys.


The Tag Team “Ski School: Trip and Trey McGonigle” are competing in the Tag Team Gauntlet at UCBW Revengeance this Saturday, July 16 at Midnight. UCB Theater on 26th St and 8th Ave.

Check out my sweet new reel, fresh out the box!


Canadian comedy star Sabrina Jalees brings the SUYD crew over to her place to show off her favorite family dish, Curried Shrimp Crepes. SACREBLEU!

This was a fun one!