Marshall Stratton: The Autoblography Memoir

Marshall has been featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central's Atom TV, Bio Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories, and The Chris Gethard Show. He has appeared in a commercial for MTV and Pop Tarts. Stratton was the Republican class president Michael Jay in the Off-Broadway show, The Awesome 80's Prom.

He's been featured in numerous online videos for Above Average, MTVOther, Michael Showalter Productions, Jest, Landline TV, Atom, and Babelgum. The Memphis native has been featured in the Huffington Post, College Humor, Vulture, and Jezebel.

Stratton is a proud member of the UCB Harold Team Graceland and Maude Team Ripley. He is one half of the sketch duo Coker and Stratton, who appeared in the 2013 New York Sketch Festival. He is told he looks like "A Kennedy" but he doesn't see it.

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An entire hero movie shot in one take (and four minutes). Clever, progressive, impressive, and fun.

"I’m a fully realized female character. My personal wants are—" SMASH CUT

Created by Avery Monsen and Jon Bershad for Above Average.


This is another video I’m in, Above Average is the best!

Check out this awesome video I’m in!

I make a small appearance in this video. Thanks to James Coker and Mary Ellen Jarrell for having me and creating a funny video!

I had a small part in this hilarious and fratty video from Kate Riley, Fran Gillespie and Brandon Gulya!


Energy Crystals: Coker & Stratton perform at the 2013 NYC Sketch Festival at the Peoples Improv Theater. Shot by Curtis Raye.

(via jamescoker)


New video from Coker & Stratton! Web Ad. Directed by Nick Bernardone.

Check out the newest Coker and Stratton video. Directed by Nick Bernadone!

EXCLUSIVE: James Coker and I auditioned for the new Star Wars movie and here is the leaked audition tape. Please enjoy!

Newest Coker and Stratton Jam! Big Shout out to Nick Bernadone for directing and James Coker for writing!

I wish I could be a great rapper, but this is my absolute best.

Check out James Coker and myself in The Paul Ryan Workout, for your consideration!