Marshall Stratton: The Autoblography Memoir

Marshall has been featured on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central's Atom TV, Bio Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories, and The Chris Gethard Show. He has appeared in a commercial for MTV and Pop Tarts. Stratton was the Republican class president Michael Jay in the Off-Broadway show, The Awesome 80's Prom.

He's been featured in numerous online videos for Above Average, MTVOther, Michael Showalter Productions, Jest, Landline TV, Atom, and Babelgum. The Memphis native has been featured in the Huffington Post, College Humor, Vulture, and Jezebel.

Stratton is a proud member of the UCB Harold Team Graceland and Maude Team Ripley. He is one half of the sketch duo Coker and Stratton, who appeared in the 2013 New York Sketch Festival. He is told he looks like "A Kennedy" but he doesn't see it.

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Official Comedy just posted the season finale of The Kindly Midwesterner! Please like and share and whatnot. I’ll give you hugs and kisses.


The Kindly Midwesterner Episode 3: The Crass Construction Worker

The BIG SEASON FINALE in which Tanya’s best friend learns her horrible secret, they both learn her amazing origin story, and we all learn the dangers of ketchup!

Written & Created by Anna Callegari & Jon Bershad

Directed by Ryan Hunter
Produced by Anna Callegari
Cinematography by Aaron Brown
Special FX by Joe Pioggia
Music by Leo Birenberg
Art Direction by Bridgid Ryan
Editing by Ryan Hunter
Assistant Editing by Matthew Alston
Production Assistant- Carrie Watt

Anna Callegari - Tanya
Jon Bershad - Jason
Joanna Bradley- Tanya’s Mom
Cassie Rubin- Young Tanya
Spencer Levin- Guiseppe
Frank Hejl- Hotdog Vendor
Austin Rodrigues- Rude Hotdog Guy
Sue Smith & Megan Maes- 90’s Ladies
John Zachary Townsend- Mugger
Marshall Stratton & Shaun Diston- Coin Flippers

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